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New York City’s leading video production company for creating high quality,stylish and entertaining videos for use online, in commercials and for entertainment endeavors.

Our New York City based production company prides itself on innovation in all aspects related to video production. From conceptual formation to the final edit, we proudly offer a full range of services that take care of everything needed to make impactful videos that will engage, entertain and inform their audience. We always use the best in cutting edge video production equipment to ensure our clients receive the highest quality videos possible.

New Dawn Films produces a wide range of videos for entrepreneurs, small business owners, educators, major brands, Fortune 500 companies and individuals who are all looking for the same thing: to reach a wider audience through the power of video. Whatever your production needs and budget, New Dawn Films has a solution for you.

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How do I find the right Video Production Company in New York City?


The Best NYC Video Production

Our team at New Dawn Films is comprised of professionals with real experience and a genuine love for filmmaking and the creative storytelling process.  We’re proud of that because we believe it’s that passion that comes through in all of the videos we make and ultimately what sets us apart from other video production companies.

Behind New Dawn Film’s award winning work is a team that comes from various backgrounds in film, television and commercial production, all of whom are ready to work on your next video. No matter your time or budget restraints, we will make sure to bring your unique vision to life so that you walk away from us with a dynamic production each and every time.

At New Dawn Films we also really enjoy the collaboration process with our clients. On any given project there are many different directions to take, so listening to our clients’ needs and generating ideas to find the right solution for them is a fun task that’s unique to every production. Regardless of time constraints or budget restrictions, we promise to work with you to deliver a great video every time. We provide the very best service in high quality video production and media services in New York City, which is why our clients come back to us time and time again.

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“We used New Dawn Films for the first time in April of this year, and were quite impressed. This was a very comprehensive shoot consisting of two 1-hour interviews using three cameras – two fixed 4K Ultra-HD cameras and one motion-controlled tracking camera. There was also extensive B-roll of our client’s facilities covering over 40,000 sq. ft.

In a true testament to New Dawn Film’s abilities, our client called us the next day to comment on the crew – giving them a solid “A” grade. I highly recommend Andrew and New Dawn Films, and plan to use them again for our upcoming shoots in the NYC area.”

Mark-FreemanMark Freeman

“We consistently use New Dawn Films for video work. Their productions are always unique and stylish and help my company reach the population of New York City.”

Peter_kPeter Schelfhaudt, Chairman and CEO, Creative Partners

“Without a doubt, New Dawn Films are my go to production guys in New York City. As an on-camera style expert I need a video production company that is cutting edge with creative excellence. They’re incredibly professional, and are a joy to work with. I recommend them to everyone.”

Jacqui-StaffordJacqui Stafford, Style Guru

“If you need an online video that stands out, then use New Dawn Films. They took my simple online video necessities and turned it into a film. Quality, sound, video and editing made my video get views.”

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At New Dawn Films, we specialize in creating content for video, film, television and commercial productions. It’s our love for production in all these areas, as well as the desire to make superior videos that drives us to always be evolving in our work. Our strengths are in the fields of producing, directing, cinematography, graphic design and editing. We use these talents to tell our clients stories and visually push the boundaries within the videos, so we’re always striving to make bigger and better videos each time out.

No one makes a video with intention of hiding it away, so we understand that at the end of the day our job is to produce work that is worthy of engaging an audience. Making our clients look good makes us look good as well, so we always strive to make the best production possible within a provided budget.

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Our passion shines through in all of our work and you will see that we are constantly pushing the envelope of what can be accomplished in the ever-changing world of video production. Everyday more and more people are watching videos across a wide range of devices, whether it’s TV, tablets or mobile phones. Likewise it means that the expectation of seeing new, engrossing and innovative videos is growing exponentially as well.

We are always on the cutting edge of what can be done using the newest tools in production, graphics and editing. We know how to produce videos of the highest quality using a creative eye so we take the burden off our clients and make it easy for them to get great results. To sum up, more views means more exposure, and exposure generates revenue.

How does the Production Process work?


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Pre Production is where all the details get planned out. We begin with a brainstorming session and then agree with our client on a concept to run with.  From there we generate an outline which is a refined concept with a beginning middle and end and hits on all the important talking points.  We then develop a script and  begin location scouting, casting, crewing up and scheduling.



Production is the fun part. It’s light’s, camera, action time and the most exciting part of the whole process and our excellent camera crews come together during production to execute all the pre production plans and make the proverbal “magic” happen. Production can be anywhere from a single day to several weeks of filming depending on what we’re looking to accomplish.

Post Production


Once everything is shot, it gets backed up onto hard drives and goes into the editing suite where it’s time to piece it all together. In fact, through a series of rough cuts we work with our clients to refine the video until it’s is where we need it to be. It’s here that we add music, graphics, do color correction and an overall sound design that tightens everything up and polishes the video to perfection.

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We provide video production and editing for the following types of projects:

  • Branded Content
  • Television Commercial Productions
  • Marketing and Advertising Videos
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Event Coverage
  • Motion Pictures
  • Documentary Films
  • Product Demos
  • Behind the Scenes Footage
  • Viral Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Sporting Events
  • Trailers
  • Broadcast Promos
  • Recruitment Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Infomercials
  • Fundraising Videos
  • Reality Television Pilots
  • Web Videos
  • Sizzle Reels
  • Demo Reels
  • Motion Timelapse
  • Educational Videos
  • Aerial Photography
  • Social Media Videos

Some basic tips to remember

A topical approach can improve viewership. By identifying something in popular culture that people relate to and can be implemented in your video will give you a better chance of going viral.

New York City Video Production Services

If you or your company is looking for a creative and affordable video production company located in New York City, please contact New Dawn Films anytime to receive a free quote.

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