10 Filmmaking Myths You Should Stop Believing

If you’re a beginner filmmaker or aspiring to be one, there are several important myths you need to stop believing when it comes to filmmaking. Some of these have caused people to stop pursuing filmmaking simply because they thought it was true. Here are 10 filmmaking myths to drop right now.

  1. Only Talented People Will Break Through in the Business

Not necessarily, people who make it in the business are usually the ones who have a good business understanding of the industry, even if they’re not the most talented. Those who are most talented but lacking in the business sense will often get taken out. To remedy the situation, know the business side and learn how to promote yourself and your skills.

  1. You Need Money to be a Filmmaker

No you don’t. There are ingenuous filmmakers who spend a minimal amount on their film yet still manage to churn out a quality product. So don’t let a lack of money stop you.

  1. Film School Experience is Required

Again, this isn’t true. The best filmmakers in the industry never went to film school. Instead, they worked hard, studied on their own and learned what they needed to produce a quality film. While film school can be a great place to meet likeminded people, it’s not a prerequisite and it’s certainly not crucial in order to succeed in the business.

  1. Digital Filmmaking is Cheaper Than Film

Not all the time. Sure, digital is more convenient, accessible and CAN BE cheaper but always secure a quote and compare. Sometimes, it’s better to shoot in film and it could save you money.

  1. You Don’t Have to Have Social Media Profiles

While social media didn’t exist at the time Spielberg launched himself, filmmakers today have a unique advantage in that they can directly communicate with their potential audience. Social Media nowadays functions as a calling card. No matter how shy you are, as a filmmaker your job is to share your story. And if you can’t do that with your potential audience on the social media level, then you might want to rethink about why you want to make a film.

  1. You Just Need a Lot of People in Your Premiere

Nope. If your idea of being a filmmaker is to walk the red carpet, get bombarded by the paparazzi and adoring fans, then you might be in the wrong business. The only people that will make your career flourish is the moviegoers – people who will actually pay to see your film and those deciding which films or shows gets picked or selected for airing, release or in festivals.

  1. You Need to Start From the Ground and Work Your Way Up the Set

Not exactly. Sure, it is a good to become a 1st Assistant Director first but then again, you want to be filmmaker so you should focus on getting a quality sample reel to showcase your skills and capabilities and pursue that.