10 Mindblowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Video

Are you a video nerd like us here at NDF? If you are, then you’d want to keep these video facts on your arsenal.

10. There are over 20 million videos uploaded to Facebook every month

9. Americans watch 39 BILLION videos every month. This means each person watches 211 videos and spends a total of 16 hours doing it!

8. Over the last three years, CISCO estimated that video traffic on cellphone has jumped up to 5000%.

7. According to Sysomos, males between 20-30 are the ones who watch and engage in most online videos.

6. Video engagement peaks every Tuesday afternoon.

5. The year 1956 wasn’t fun for filmmakers. Videotapes cost $300 for every hour’s worth of reel while video recorders ran for $50,000 each

4. Marketers are banking big on adding videos to their sites that it’s become a top priority – more than adding Twitter and Facebook.

3. Research by Forrester found out that with a video on your site, your chances of showing up on a Google front page raises by 53%. And let’s face it, only 10% go past the first page. You want that spot!

2. Viewers often watch videos in full if it’s only 30 seconds but when it’s longer, the numbers start dropping.

1. Forrester Research found out that a single piece of video contains the same value as 1.8 million words. Lay all those words together and it’ll amount to 3600 pages on the web!

(Source: http://blog.wyzowl.com/30-amazing-facts-about-video )