During these unusual times, you’re probably sitting at home in quarantine helping to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. The downside is that after a while, it stops feeling like vacation and, for the lack of better word, feels like house arrest.

But fret not, even as a filmmaker or film enthusiast (any creative, really) you can still do a lot of things to pass time or be productive while helping to keep the curb flat.

Of course, it’s perfectly okay to just weather out these crazy times by not being “productive,” no one will judge you since we’re all trying to get by. But, if you feel prefer doing or learning something while in this period of isolation, here are 3 ideas you can try out.

01. Study Films By Your Favorite Directors, Editors or Cinematographers

Netflix and other streaming sites have become a favorite companion during isolation. Watching movies and shows all day isn’t anything to be ashamed of but if you’re going to spend all your time doing so, why not use it to your advantage and learn from them aside from being entertained.

Here’s what you can do. First, figure out what you want to improve on: cinematography, editing or story flow, cinematography, creating sequences, etc. Let’s say you want to improve your cinematography, pick 3 great films with amazing cinematography or look into films that have won Best Cinematography. Go through each film and pay special attention to the cinematography: How is the shot composed? How does it add to the story? Does it convey any meaning? What’s the color palette? Etc.

Write down your thoughts and observations or record them. Finally, decide how you can incorporate what you’ve learned in your next video or film. If you’re feeling extra productive, do a test shot in your home. Get creative and figure out how you can shoot scenes beautifully even when at home.

02. Create Your Own Film or Short Video

Speaking of shooting, you can spend your time in quarantine making your home films. You might think creating a great film means you have to be in your studio or outdoors. Sure, no doubt varying locations will add a lot of depth, but since we’re all required to stay at home for now, why not get creative and figure out how you can make the most out of your current situation?

If you’re a beginner filmmaker, you can use this time to create your first video. Use whatever means you have to produce something and just get started. You can always improve in your next try. If you already know your way around cameras, then creating a pet project video or film will keep your skills sharpened during this time.

03. Write Your Screenplay or Edit Pending Videos

For those who have always wanted to write their own movie, this could be your chance to create a screenplay you’ve always wanted. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but instead, as Anne Lamott would say, just get the “shitty first draft” done. You can polish it later.

You don’t even have to do this all day. Just devote 20-30 minutes each day when starting. Then adjust the time for longer according to your needs. Heck, even a 5 or 10- minute writing session will do if that’s all you can manage at this time. The important thing is you’re moving the needle even by as little as 1% each day.

If you’re an editor and you have pending videos, you can practice your craft by doing the edits. As a creative exercise, you can even splice and edit videos using stock footage. Overlap it with your favorite poetry or music and try and see what you come up with.

While these pandemic times can be challenging for many of us, it doesn’t have to be boring or unproductive. Our minds tend to fret and panic more when it becomes idle so having something to at least keep it “busy” while we wait for the world to start moving again is always a good choice.

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