Ready to jump into the world of vlogging? If you’re a video content editor or photographer, you might be interested in branching out to vlog world. Although the market has become saturated with the rise of low-priced yet quality vlogging cameras as well as the accessibility of YouTube and other social media platforms, it’s still a fun experience to try out if you’re starting out in the world videomaking.

But of course, if you’re a newcomer as a content creator and aiming to become a professional video editor or even starting your own video production company in the future, it’s good to gather experience under your belt. Vlogging will give you that. If you’re ready to try it out, here are 5 common mistakes to avoid when starting out as a vlogger.

1. Poor Quality Audio

Audio is the number one problematic thing for any video. We’ve mentioned it before (and countless times after that) an audience will suffer through bad video quality BUT give them bad audio and they will not stand for it or probably walk out.

To combat bad audio, your best bet is to make sure you are using an external microphone when recording. Even if your camera has a built-in microphone, you want to get an external mic to make sure you can be heard and understood properly by your audience. Also, some vloggers tend to speak too fast for viewers, thinking they’re amping up energy or giving the appearance of being upbeat. Stop and slow down.

Take a deep breath before hitting record. It would also help to practice what you want to say and deliberately enunciate what you’re trying to say instead of simply sputtering about right away.

2. Too Formal and Stiff on Camera

Being too formal and stiff in front of the camera is natural for first timers. It takes a bit of time to be confident in front of your equipment. But the best way to gain confidence is to definitely keep recording, then watching yourself, noting down what you’re doing wrong and then correct it for the next time.

3. Not Enough Light or Too Dark in Video

Beginner vloggers often don’t pay attention to their lighting when filming their vlogs. Sometimes they rely on indoor lighting thinking it will be fine but bad lighting can really translate to the quality of the video you create. You don’t need the fanciest lighting setup but at least think about where the light is coming from.

Ideally, record in a space with natural lighting. Or at least in a room where the viewers can see your face or what you’re doing.

4. Too Involved in the Process

Vlogging is meant to be fun, like any other filmmaking or video creation process. Don’t get too caught up with the process but learn to enjoy what you’re doing too. It’s not all about the numbers, the feedback, the likes. In fact, those things should be secondary. Ideally, you need to learn how to have fun with what you’re doing and at the same time, learn to pace yourself in order to avoid burnout. The subscribers and the growth will eventually happen as long as you focus on the quality and value you are giving but also room for you to make mistakes and enjoy what you’re doing.

5. Imitating Other Vloggers

The biggest mistake for most beginners is imitating too much of their favorite vloggers. While there’s nothing wrong with being inspired and even simulating what your favorite vloggers do, it’s always a better idea to be yourself and be original with your content and personality. You can include tips and tricks from other vloggers but present it in a way that echoes who you are and your channel or at least the brand you want to represent.

Being a vlogger, especially if you’re serious about it, means improving as you go. The more experience you gain, the better you become. But you can avoid common mistakes and correct them ahead of time.

Vlogging is a craft like any other part of content creation. Learning how to make the best vlogs you can get can translate to your filmmaking or video production capacity later on, especially if it’s the industry you want to thrive in.