Let’s face it, for video creators and businesses, having a social media account is almost a necessity. It’s where many of the mainstream brands and market audience hang out. If you’re a video production company, content creator, or looking to start your own video editing service, then having a social media platform like Instagram is a prerequisite.

The great thing is Instagram has seamlessly incorporated video into their format. So instead of just sharing images, you can share video content via IGTV or better yet, via Stories.

If you’re looking for creative ways to use your Stories section in Instagram. Here are five creative and unique ways you can use it for your video production business.


1. Share Video or Editing Tutorials

What’s great about Instagram Stories is you can vlog tutorials like how to shoot a certain scene or showcase an editing trick or two. It allows you to give out bite-sized information your audience can easily learn. Even better, if they like it, they can go ahead and quickly share what you made. This means free marketing for you.

Just put some effort into creating or shooting your stories, especially if you’re branding yourself as a video content creator or video production business on social media.


2. Give Your Audience or Potential Customers A Peek Behind the Scenes

You can bring everyone behind the scenes on a video shoot or even your office. It’s a great way to give them an idea how something works. It also gives them a chance to feel extra special that you’re sharing something with them.

For instance, sharing the process or introducing key people involved in the production can be a great way to foster a relationship.


3. Use it for Advertising Your Work

If you’re running an IG account for your video business, it’s only right to showcase what you’re capable of and what you can offer. Instagram Stories is a unique way of sharing your video content and your skills. You can be serious with it and go all out on production or be a little more relaxed with what you’re going to share.

If you have a new video, you can create teaser clips that fit the Story format. Think of it as cross advertising your way to different platforms.


4. Have Someone Special Do a Takeover

Having someone else man your Instagram Stories injects a lot of interest to your feed. Maybe you can give the reigns to your video editor, or producer, or writer. They can share some thought processes, recommendations or other information about their role in production.

Having someone do a takeover offers great value to your readers too and it opens a lot of room for partnerships especially if you’re going to get a guest outside of your company.


5. Conduct a Q&A with your Audience

What’s great about this is you can provide value right away to your audience and potential clients. Conducting a Q&A can be as simple as inviting people to ask you questions about how you shoot certain scenes or anything about film or video creation.

This also gives you a chance to interact with followers as well as present your views or way of working if that’s something you’re keen to do.

There’s no denying Instagram Stories is one of the best things to happen to Instagram. It’s not only a convenient and easy tool to grow your audience, it’s also the perfect way to showcase your video production business or brand and provide the best value you can.