A couple of years ago, everyone thought that drones were nothing but a fad. But these days, it’s become crucial for those looking for unique shots for their videos. If you’re still on the fence whether you should dive in and grab a drone or not, then these five benefits might help you decide.

Benefits of Using a Drone

1. It cuts the cost of creating aerial footage.

Without drones, the only way to grab quality aerial footage was to rent a helicopter and a licensed pilot. With a drone, you can easily grab an HD camera and fly it over your scene to get a shot. Just make sure to grab the FAA’s official app, B4UFLY which will tell you if you can fly your drone in the airspace.

2. It helps save time.

The old way of doing things with the helicopter required you to also plan and schedule, making sure everything needed for the scene is in place. This can take a lot of time and coordination because there are plenty of other people involved. With a drone team, you only need 2-3 people at most. It’s much easier to communicate and coordinate.

3. You get so much versatility.

Helicopters are large and noisy. They can also be quite distracting but with a drone, you get a more versatile machine. It can fly over tighter areas like inside a room or out of the window. This leaves more room for obtaining unique shots.

4. Your shots are unique and become unforgettable.

To make your videos pop out, you need to be creative and adding a striking aerial shot can do just that.

5. Finally, a drone shot has so many practical uses.

Aerial shots using drones are great for creating tourism or real estate videos. They’re also perfect for event coverage. If you have a live concert, can you imagine flying over a drone and capturing unique footage from the air along with the crowd? That’s the kind of drama viewers would love to see.