You probably add great pictures, infographics, quotes and relevant content to your social media. But you’re likely missing one important thing – short form videos! If you’re not using videos in your social media stream just yet, or not sure what type to share, here’s a quick list to try out.

  1. The Quick How – To

Show your fans how something is done. Solve a problem or show a video of someone using your product. With Instagram‘s 60-second video bump recently, this could be even more crucial.  

  1. Highlight an Event

Got plans for Christmas or Valentine’s? Create a video that takes advantage of these universal holidays. Get creative and make one that resonates with your audience and brand.

  1. Showcase Your Skills

Heard of Zach King? His videos are not just fun but also show what he’s great at – special effects! You can do the same and show people what your skills or business is all about. And why you’re the expert!

  1. Behind the Scenes

Introduce people behind the company. Show them working, smiling or simply having fun together.

  1. Debut New Products

No need for hard marketing. Make it fun and engaging. Plus, make sure to appeal to your audience’s curiosity.

We’ve mentioned why videos are crucial to your marketing campaign before and we believe having them can do wonders for your brand.

As a video production service, we like seeing more people embrace videos in their content. It’s a fluid, entertaining and engaging way of making people feel special.

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