Got a passion for videos? Want to know how to make legit money using your video skills and helping others in the process? Well, we’ve got a list of potential jobs you can do while making use of your video production or video creation skills.

Now, don’t get me wrong, these won’t make you rich right away. But if you’re looking to, a.) improve your video skills b.) try something new or maybe embrace a challenge, c.) earn some money with your existing videography talent, then this list might help you.

1. Film Live Events

One of the best ways to make money when creating videos is covering live events. Advertise your skills as a videographer or talk to local businesses to see if they need you to cover concerts, product releases, special conferences, or speakers.

Go for events that happen every few months. If you do a good job, you could have a recurring gig you can expect. You can apply or work with agencies, small businesses or companies in your area. It would also be a good idea to aim for yearly events like conferences or seminars. Most companies now prefer shooting company videos to promote their upcoming events too which you can take advantage of.

Covering speaking events is another great chance for you to set yourself up as a videographer. When a speaker comes in town, you can cover them for a client or on your own accord. The best part about this is you get a chance to meet new interesting people while at the same time covering the event.

2. Cover Sporting Events and Create Sports Reels

Love your highschool or college? Why not return to cover the various events they have including sports. Talk to your coach, teacher or anybody else in charge to see if there’s anything they can offer to use your services. You don’t need any special skills when shooting these types of events, in sports for instance, all you need to do is follow the ball.

Most of the time, sports footage don’t even need hours of editing, all the coaches need is a digital copy or dvd copy they can review. Sometimes juniors and seniors are also looking to create their own highlight reel when applying for scholarships – your work could also come in handy this way too. You can also contact parents because most of them would be interested with putting together the highlight reel as well if their kids are athletic.

3. Crowdfunding Videos

Creating videos for crowdfunding campaigns is another way you can make money on the side. You can create videos for other creators OR, you can simply rely on the generous support of others to have your own projects or videos created.

Keep in mind if you go the latter route and choose to be the creator, you might still need to fork up money to complete the project. There are a lot of creators who are looking to start their own Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Seed & Spark projects. It’s up to you which direction you want to go. Do you want to offer your services or do you want to be the main creator and build support for your project? There are pros and cons to both so think carefully.

4. Weddings

There’s never a lack of people getting married, so if you love the challenge of dealing with possible bridezillas or groomzillas, maybe you’ll thrive in this type of scene. Just keep in mind doing weddings takes a lot of work. You need to have backups, not just for your footage but also fellow videographers or photographers to cover other things happening that you can’t cover.

If you’re not getting paid for the gig, which would sometimes happen with friends or family favors, then at least ask for memory cards or batteries in exchange for your services.

For many videographers, weddings are the start to what would become a lucrative career in shooting videos or covering events. It won’t transform you into an overnight success but over time, you should be able to build a good client base if your work is of quality. For many people who first started shooting weddings, they often end up having more work than they can handle and have the chance to choose their clients in the end.

5. Tutorial Videos or Courses

In the world of video, videography skills are wanted more than ever. Sure, everyone’s got a phone and can easily film themselves but the work of a professional like you, is still different in many ways.

As a videographer, you can offer your skills shooting tutorials for companies or creating their videos. You can also share your own videos as well. Maybe you can share tips and tricks as a videographer or create your own tutorials and monetize it.

If you love creating videos as a video content creator, part of a video production team or an independent videographer, you’ll certainly find the top options as good possibilities for earning earning money on the side while improving your skills at the same time.