If you’re crowd funding, trying to present a new project or even selling something, having a great video pitch can help immensely. It can convince your bosses or your audiences to take the actions you want them to take. But how do you know when you’ve got a good video pitch? Make sure to incorporate these 6 elements and you should be fine.

1. Tell a Story

Like with anything, a good pitch should contain a great story for your audience to get on board with.

2. Answer the 5 W’s

When you tell a story, make sure it answers all the major questions your audience might want to know. This includes: Who are you? What do you want them to do? Why are you doing this? When (if there’s a timeline or deadline)? And Why should they care? If this is for crowd sourcing then these are more crucial.

3. Have a Fantastic Opening

Since you’re pitching something to your audience, make sure the video is made to capture their attention at first glance. You can do this a number of ways. One way is to head straight to the point. If you’re solving a problem, give them the problem and how you solve it with your item/product or service.

4. Show, Don’t Just Tell

Explaining or telling a story is great but of course, you’re making a video so a fantastic visual is also important.

5. Have Great Audio

Whether you’re narrating or accompanying your pitch with music, make sure it complements your visuals and that it’s actually audible. Your video pitch won’t be effective if your audience can’t understand what you’re saying.

6. Keep It Short

This is crucial for all video pitches. Like anything, your audience will have a short attention span so make sure to keep everything under 3-5 minutes.

These elements might be basic but add these to your video pitch and you should see results in no time.