6 Great Advantages of Shooting 4K Videos

For most people, shooting in 4k or Ultra HD is a waste of time and money when HD video is still prevalent and not that many people actually own 4k TV’s. However, shooting in 4k video has several advantages compared to shooting in 1080p.

We’ve listed 6 of them below:

  1. You get super sharp images.

With 4k shooting, the images are much sharper and clearer. People think that just because you’re shooting in HD, you automatically get sharp images. That’s not necessarily true since there are different types of HD (720 and 1080P) and the resolution would still differ depending on the type of camera you use. When you shoot at 4k and even if you down sample to an HD quality, you will still see a difference in the sharpness of the image.

  1. You can stabilize footage without noticeable effects on your video.

Unless you’re a huge production team with money and people at your disposable, chances are stabilizing your shots on location can be challenging. Even if you’re standing still, there will be camera shake. There are programs capable of stabilizing your footage but these often require you to “zoom in” and it can be prove deadly if you’re using 1080p as it can easily render your footage unusable. With 4k shoots, you can zoom and stabilize the video without noticing much of a difference in quality.

  1. Cropping your shot or video won’t be a problem.

Cropping a video in 1080p is near impossible especially if you’re aiming for super high quality. In fact, most people don’t even consider the cropping portion because it wasn’t an option. Using 4k, you can easily find a better composition by cropping without having your shot suffer. Recomposing a shot after it was shot is definitely an added perk.

  1. You can pull usable and high quality still frames.

Grabbing frames from 4k video is just perfect. The frames are good enough to showcase on the web compared to grabbing a still frame from a 1080p, the latter will look low-res. Aside from that, most people are even realizing that the 4k still frames are good enough to print.

  1. You can shoot two rolls at the same time.

Traditionally, when doing shots or interviews, you use two cameras to capture different angles – usually one wide and one tight. With 4k, you can replace this two-camera setup since you have more room to play around with. You can zoom and crop with ease without worrying about losing quality and data.

Overall, there are plenty of advantages to shooting in 4k. While yes, it is still expensive and not that many people have 4k TV sets to enjoy it. At the very least shooting in 4k future proofs your work. You can always down sample it to an HD to match people’s current standards but there’s no doubt 4k is the way of the future, so why not start now?