We’ve said it before and it’s worth saying again, video marketing is here to stay. And if you’re not using it for your business or brand, you should! But how do you create a successful video campaign? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. These six steps can help transform an ordinary video campaign into a stellar one.

Tip 1: Ask, “Who is my audience?”

You can’t make a video for just anyone. You need to know who needs your product or service and make it for them. Be specific. You can target existing customers or potential new ones.

Tip 2: Win Your Audience in the First 5 Seconds

It’s a tall order, but if your video isn’t interesting or doesn’t capture attention in the first 5 seconds, it’s going to be harder for your audience to watch through it. Make it interesting yet informative.

Tip 3: Keep Videos Short and Simple

Depending on what you’re sharing, it’s best to err on the short side instead of having a video that lingers on and filled with dead parts. Long form video has its place. But most of the time, viewers skip to parts they want to watch. So, keep videos direct, informative, and interesting and you won’t go wrong.

Step 4: Tread Lightly on the Ads

You can insert ads on your videos especially if you’re uploading them to YouTube. However, know that there’s nothing more annoying than a misplaced ad. A subtle link is tolerable but longer adverts can be jarring and would make your customers want to close off the video tab altogether.

Step 5: Add Voiceover

Even if it’s a video, some people just listen and do something else while the video plays on the background. Cover the bases and add a voiceover so your viewers won’t miss out on anything.

Step 6: Customize Your Video According to the Audience

You can create multiple versions of your video when doing targeted ads. Whether it’s for a specific data or by location, you can tweak parts of your video so it resonates with a particular audience.

As you get better, experiment and make sure you understand your brand so you can communicate your voice clearly.

Above all, a bonus tip: make sure your videos look professional. If necessary, look into hiring a professional video production company to help you out. The investment will be worth it.