They might be bent in killing us or turning us into food, but we still love them! Movie monsters, despite their questionable motives, make movies exciting! Think Godzilla, he kills hundreds of thousands with every move but hey, we still adore the hulking guy. We might fret at the thought of Michael Myers lumbering slowly towards his next victim, but we still can’t help but watch what happens next. 


It’s these monsters that make horror and thriller films so memorable for movie lovers. So, for this post, we’re going to list down some of cinemas most favorite monsters. Grab a popcorn and see if your favorite monster is on this list. 

1. Godzilla

Okay, so it’s no surprise the “King of the Monsters” is the first one listed. The many incarnations of Godzilla in cinema has shown we just love to see big, hulking creatures go all out in massive cities. But more deeply than that, Godzilla’s existence parallels our own paranoia and reckless ways. In 1954, he first showed up after nuclear weapons were tested while in the 2014 version, he is awaked after an environmental catastrophe. 

2. The Thing (John Carpenter)

While there’s no obvious shape and form to The Thing, it’s nonetheless one of the most exciting and terrifying movie monster to hit the screens. The Thing could take on the form of any creature, human or otherwise, so you have no clue who to trust. 

3. Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Freddy Krueger made sleeping become a terrifying ordeal for his victims. Freddy’s unusual powers to show up in someone’s dream makes him a true monster. It’s horrifying because all of us need to sleep at some point, thus, there’s no escape from his playground. 

4. Werewolf (The Howling)

Sure, a werewolf may be an old-world monsters but they have a special place in movie monster lore. From human to rabid monster, the idea of a monster in your midst is made even scarier with the werewolf. 

5. Xenomorph (The Alien) 

Few can deny HR Geiger’s creation as one of the best movie monsters to have ever graced films. Even today, It’s still recognizable despite the many iterations and slight design variations it has gone through over the years. 

6. The Predator 

The younger generation may not know this film but the Predator was one of the original alien monsters that haunted audiences back in the 80s. The original film came out in 1987 and has since become a favorite for many. Even today, the creature’s amazing design is still fascinating. 

7. The Gill Man (Creature from the Black Lagoon)

Truly iconic, the Gill Man is considered a classic movie monster. Even after years and years, the design of the creature still looks truly terrifying. 

8. King Kong

The legendary “Eighth Wonder of the World” should be on everybody’s monster list. Gorillas are already fascinating enough but supersizing him to be over 40 feet tall is another thing. Ever since Kong premiered in 1933, he has continued to intimidate and fascinate audiences. 


Movie monsters will always be a staple in cinema. They’re scary, timeless and truly terrifying. 


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