Last time, we spoke about what crucial questions to ask when hiring your own video editor. Whether you’re the head honcho to a video production company or looking to get hired by one, knowing these questions are vital. You got the first four questions in last week’s post so here’s the last four.

Can you provide me a solid deadline?

For any company, deadlines are important and this is even more crucial with video. Any great editor will work towards a set of deadlines, even building and providing a solid timeline for which parts of the project need to be done by a specific date. Having a deadline is also important since video feedback on your end as the employer is needed as well. Providing the right expectations and delivering on those expectations can go a long way to having a smooth relationship.

Reputable video editors will also provide you with regular updates on what’s happening with the project. This will help keep everyone on the project in the same page.

What processes do you have for clients to review the work?

The most important step when working with a potential video editor is to always ask what process they have for clients when reviewing the work. If you work for a video production company or service, chances are, you might have this as a key component in the workflow. Whether you’re the employer or the boss, knowing when this part of the process is done is crucial.

Back in the day, video editing feedback was written down, complete with timecodes, so all the parties know which parts of the video is being talked about.

These days, most teams use video collaboration platforms like to share the videos with clients and have them respond or provide feedback. This makes it easier to communicate and helps both parties work faster.

One more thing, always ask how many revisions are included with the quoted amount. The standard for most video editors is 3 revisions and the rest will incur charges. Make sure you have this in writing or stated properly in a contract.

What is the type of video you’ll deliver?

The type of asset delivered on the final phase should be specified in the budget breakdown or contract. Even if you end up downsizing your videos, it’s best to get the full resolution copies from your video editor or company. This is crucial if you need to change them to different formats.

Will you provide assistance with Video Publishing?

Some of the best video editors extend their services by providing assistance during publishing. Unless you have experience in publishing the work yourself, it can be overwhelming. Even as simple as uploading a video on YouTube requires several steps which can get tedious. There are also other information needed like tags, video descriptions, thumbnails among others. Having the help of your experienced editor can make the process easier and faster.

Next time you’re looking for a great video editor to join your production team or simply to work with on your next project, make sure you have the basics covered by asking these questions first.

Choosing the right video editor can be as complicated or as simple as you make it. The important thing to remember is to never be afraid to ask, probe and find out if the video editor you are considering will be an asset to your project.