Training Videos

New Dawn Films has worked with entrepreneurs, inventors and well established brands to train people on how to use a specific product or perform a certain task. It’s very popular now a days for people looking to learn how do something to look online for videos to follow along and get a clear explanation.

Viral Videos

No matter what a videos intended usage is everyone agrees it would be nice to have it “ go viral”. Viral videos gain popularity through social media sharing and just like a snowball rolling down a hill, it grows as it rolls. They can come from anywhere in the world and be very simple home movies or highly produced videos. More views means you’re reaching a larger audience which increases awareness of your brand and can increase revenue whatever your endeavor may be. While there’s no way to guarantee a video will go viral, there are definitely steps you can take to greatly Improve your chances that your video will get views. New Dawn Films has identified several viral tips that we share with our clients and can implement them in your production.

Music Videos

Music videos are necessary to have if you’re a musician or in a band. A well executed video to accommodate a great song can help elevate your popularity and audience. At New Dawn Films we can help you with a concept that’s appropriate for your personal style and genre. We look forward to working with musicians to help them add an additional element of creativity to their albums or singles.

Recruitment Videos

A recruitment video is an inside look into your company and it can be targeted to resonate with a specific audience or set of job seekers. You can get a powerful, funny or heartfelt message out about your brand to really show your audience who you are and they type of people you need. A recruitment video is an inside look at the culture within your business. This way you get the right people you need to take notice, apply and help build your business.

Fundraising Videos

The ever changing landscape of the internet has given birth to multiple websites like, and that are solely for the purpose of fundraising. Anybody can now seek to get funding assistance for films, businesses, inventions or almost anything they can think. Every website requires that you submit a video so you can tell your viewers in a concise and entertaining manner what it is exactly you plan to use the money for and if any rewards are offered. New Dawn Films is here to assist you with your video no matter what your budget restrictions may be.

Non Profit

If you’re a non profit organization looking for assistance with a video project we can help. We offer discounts to charitable non profits as well so please reach out to us we can tell you more about our services. If you or your company is looking for a creative and affordable solution for your next video project, please contact New Dawn Films anytime to receive a free quote.

New York City Video Production Services

If you or your company is looking for a creative and affordable New York City video production company, please contact New Dawn Films anytime to receive a free quote.

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