Tips on How to Distribute your Indie Film

Film distribution can be straightforward if you’re a huge video production company or backed by large Hollywood film studios. But, if you’re an indie filmmaker or someone starting out in the film industry, getting [...]

December 3rd, 2018|

Why Volunteering in Film Festivals is a Good Idea

Beginner filmmakers often see film festival volunteering as a stepping stone in their career. Whether they want some experience, need a portfolio boost before joining a video production company or even going into a [...]

November 26th, 2018|

How to Create a Strong Documentary Film Proposal

Aspiring documentary filmmakers or students almost always have no clue where to start when creating a strong documentary film proposal. But like any film pre-production prep, much of the requirements remain the same. The [...]

November 12th, 2018|

Tips for Becoming a Freelance Video Editor

Becoming a freelance video editor is a challenging but rewarding process. Several perks when choosing this path as opposed to being an in-house editor for a video production company or service. For instance, you [...]

November 5th, 2018|