If you love filmmaking or looking to get into it, there might be some things you thought were right but were pure misconceptions. It’s best to break some of these conceptions and realize that filmmaking and even photography is accessible to everyone.

Getting A Good Camera Results in Great Images

This isn’t necessarily true. While owning a better, more expensive, camera does have its advantages. It won’t necessarily create great images. Every camera, especially now, has what it takes to capture good cinematic and quality footage. The main difference is the person using it. There are also various factors that make an image extra special such as subject, lighting and composition with camera movement. These can add more to an filmmaking image or video as opposed to anything else. Instead of adding more expensive gear, hone your skills instead.

The Higher the ISO, Equals to More Grain

This is partially true but not completely. The ISO affects so much more than just the amount of grain in your image. With a higher ISO in your digital camera, you decrease the amount of dynamic range you’re capable of capturing. At the same time, you’ll be increasing the brightness of your subject or image. With a high ISO, you also minimize the amount of tonal detail and accuracy you get while shooting.

Automatic Modes are For Noobs

Knowing how to use your camera manually is a great thing. In fact, it’s advantageous because you know exactly how to achieve what you need for specific shots or scenarios in filmmaking. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use your Auto mode or feel that only beginners can use it. Going auto can be helpful when you find yourself short on time or when you need to be spontaneous and fast.

Getting a Sharp Lens is Everything

Absolutely not true. Most people who love to buy lenses often think a sharp lens is the end all and be all of everything. But the thing is, there are other factors you need to take into consideration like the build quality of the piece, the bokeh quality in filmmaking, AF speed or microcontrast. Also, there are also softer lenses that create stunning bokeh and image stabilization. Don’t discount it or sacrifice going for the super sharp lens yet overlooking all other qualities of the piece.

Filmmaking is Easy

Creating your own movie can take months and sometimes years. The amount of stress can be overwhelming for so many people they sometimes abandon projects halfway through. Not to mention there are outside factors that will cause disruption or delays throughout the process. It will not go smoothly and you’ll need to hang in there to see it through – making sure you’re sticking to the vision as well as deal with all the technical details and get it right. It’s a lot to take in but the only way you’ll learn is by making thousands of mistakes when you start. Hang in there because seeing the end result of your film will be worth it.