Tripods are such an everyday item for camera enthusiasts it’s often easy to overlook them. But did you know you could use your tripod in so many creative ways to capture a unique shot? Some of these might be familiar to you but here are several creative ways of using your tripod.

Use the tripod as a handheld stabilizer.

You can grab the tripod by the middle part of its body and extend the legs to give you a good handheld stabilizer when it comes to shooting various shots.

Capture low angle shots.

You can do this by turning the stability upside down or making sure the legs are closest to the ground as possible. This will give you beautiful and stable low angle shots without having to get your face too close to the ground.

Perfect for top down shots.

You can strap your tripod on a high beam or on top of a ladder and point down your camera to capture a unique top down angle. This can help add a sense of space and visual drama to your film.

Use your tripod as a slider.

This may seem like an odd trick but you can insert socks on your tripod legs and use the floor to gentle slide down your tripod with the camera pointing in the direction you need. This will help you create those smooth slides without needing any expensive gear at all.

Tripod as a shoulder rig.

If you’re in a pinch and can’t secure a shoulder rig right away, the tripod can be helpful. Simply place the tripod on your shoulder with the legs extended out for balance. Point your camera in the direction you need and you’re all set.