Who doesn’t want a viral video? Imagine having thousands, even millions of people, viewing your work at once. If you’re a business, there’s no doubt sales and exposure will skyrocket. If you’re an aspiring singer or actor, there’s no doubt going viral (for the right reasons) means upping your chances of being discovered.

But how do you actually make a viral video? Are there specific ingredients to add to make sure your video goes the viral route? Well, truth is, narrowing the specific ingredients for a viral video can be tricky because so much of it also depends on the subject matter you have. Luckily, there are key elements you can infuse on your videos to make the likelihood of it going viral more likely.

  1. Trigger Emotions

Ever wonder why we end up sharing videos that “tugs at our heart strings?” It’s because a great viral video infuses plenty of emotion in it. It can make us feel happy, make us laugh really hard or make us cry. Triggering strong emotions is a very strong path to virality.

  1. Make it Funny and Entertaining – Even Honest

If you’re a brand, allow your brand personality to shine through. However, be careful about being too promotional with your product – unless that’s the slant you want to go for. Infuse your videos with funny elements but make sure to balance and let it act as your ID. Keep your videos entertaining and charming, even honest, so your audience can appreciate it.

  1. Look to Inspire

This may fall in the emotions category but just a little more specific. Upworthy’s success was overnight, thanks to their penchant for delivering inspiring news. You can do this with videos too and most of the time, these inspiring videos get plenty of clicks and share in a short amount of time. Just think back to how many you’ve shared in the past few months and you’ll have a good idea how powerful they can become.

  1. Have a Good Marketing Plan

A video can’t go viral if no one shares them in the first place so it’s crucial that you have a marketing plan to back up your campaign and get those first few people on board.

  1. Always be Timely

Viral videos often portray content that’s timely. Sure, this may mean it’s just an overnight sensation but it’s also the same reason why so many people want to see it and share it right then and there.

Creating videos that go viral requires plenty of thought and effort. Not all amazing videos go viral but if you keep these elements in mind, at least you have a fighting chance of getting those million clicks.