Creating a film or documentary requires a lot of planning. And during the planning session, you need to be fully organized to give your next project a chance to run smoothly. 


We’ve compiled some helpful apps you might want to consider using during pre-production. These are great for planning your future projects, especially if you’re stuck indoors and can’t do anything else right now. 


Shot Designer 

This unique app lets you plan your scenes ahead of time. It’s quite specific since it gives you a chance to design your camera placement, your camera movement and even blocking. Toy around with it for a while to become familiar with everything. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find even planning complicated shots is easy. Although it’s relatively simple, it’s useful and will give you a quick and dirty scene you can reference later on. 



Before, everything involved physical paper. But with StudioBinder, it’s easier to organize a huge amount of tasks involved with production. This free app lets you create and send call sheets, offer script breakdowns, storyboards, shooting schedules, calendars, tasks and more! 


Shot Lister

Want to create a professional-looking shotlist? This app will help you. The great thing with Shot Lister is it’s fully customizable. This means you can create your industry standard shotlist and schedule just the way you like it. Stop scribbling on random pieces of paper. You’ll find having a shotlist in one space, where you can tap and drag to re-arrange your day in seconds, is the best way to go. 


Kit Scenarist

Yes, everything starts with a good script. While you can use your Word Processor, there’s something awesome about writing your script in a dedicated script-writing program like this one. It has everything you need to create outlines and treatments as well as cards so you can view your structure. Write your characters, locations, and enter documents associated with certain scripts. It’s easy to organize everything while also simpler to access too. 


Google G-Suite

Film production requires a lot of people working together in one project. Sure, this online suite isn’t designed for production work, but it’s still useful and you don’t have to pay anything for it! All the information is cloud-based too so as long as you have Internet, you can access it. Revisions can be done immediately and you can immediately share items with ease. 


Making use of technology to create your film or streamline your video pre-production is the norm these days. These apps are just a few of the many that are made to help make the job of filmmakers, writers, producers, screenwriters and more, so much easier. Explore them and figure out what you like.


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