You’d be forgiven to think making money from movies is still reserved for movie producers and big shot executives, but truth is, the entertainment industry is changing. Movies are now made differently and consumed by audiences in a whole new way. 

For everyday investors, this is good news because it means they can now get in on the ever-growing entertainment streaming industry. This is an advantage for indie filmmakers everywhere since this streaming industry is creating a huge demand for more creative film-making in what is usually a market saturated with typical blockbuster franchise films. 


Self-Distribution Means More Profit Potential

Self- Distribution through online streaming models are perfect avenues for small video production companies and indie filmmakers. What’s great with this model is it lets you cut out huge sums often wasted on marketing and distribution. 

Since streaming and self-distribution means you don’t rely on traditional theater showings, the cost for marketing can be cut down significantly. Typical Hollywood films cost, on the low end, $80 Million these days. A huge chunk of this budget will often go to marketing alone. Meanwhile, huge blockbuster studio films can allot as much as $200 million on marketing alone since most studios prefer to release and market globally as a way to recoup expenses. 

As a result of this desire to “make money back” Hollywood movies and producers turn to formulaic story-lines relying on the moviegoer’s expectations since they know that predictable elements will easily draw an audience. This is the reason why remakes, movies with sequels or films based on comic books and popular novels are safe bets compared to original movies with edgy themes or screenplays. 

Having a self-distribution model as an independent filmmaker lets you control the costs of marketing, cutting it down considerably since you already have a platform with a ready-made audience. There’s also no need to rent theater spaces and pay off large amounts for distribution. 


High-Quality Productions Cost Less To Produce Than Ever

For anyone investing in an indie film or movie, the first question is often, “Won’t the quality be poor? After all, Hollywood is Hollywood because they can make amazing quality films.” 

This may have been true decades ago, but it’s no longer the case now. Indie filmmakers are capable of making quality, cinematic films as good as any studio but for a fraction of the price.

Cameras these days are better made with lenses capable of filming at high resolution. And all of these are available to the regular filmmaker. There’s a high definition camera to suit every budget too. Cameras from brands like Canon, Black Magic, ARRI and RED, are the usual weapon of choice for indie filmmakers. 

With the access to quality cameras, film-making has now become everyone’s game. To complement this, streaming platforms have also been a huge game-changer. When it comes to streaming, most viewers are indiscriminate and don’t care whether the film they’re watching is from a big Hollywood studio or an independent film house. All platforms cater to both and put independent filmmakers on equal footing with big budget films. 

As long as the audience finds the film or story interesting, they will watch without prompting. 


While Hollywood Struggles, Indie Movies Will Fill the Demand

Even if it seems Hollywood is “doing okay,” the truth is that revenue for big studios are down. As more people are opting for online streaming or video on demand, there are fewer people wanting to go to theaters, paying a $15 cover price when they could pay for a flat fee of $5 or better, a monthly subscription fee to watch all the movies they want. While Hollywood isn’t dead yet, the struggle for the industry is real as the shift to online consumerism increases. 

As the pandemic started, more people have turned to streaming websites and other video online platforms for entertainment. The pandemic has cost Internet usage to jump up to 70% and streaming up to 12%. 

Speaking of the pandemic, this is another struggle that’s pressed down on large Hollywood productions. Despite various cities reopening, it’s looking like things are never going to be the same as before. Sure, there are efforts to compensate like drive-in movie theaters but not everyone will welcome this option with most still opting to just watch online instead. It’s likely Hollywood will find a way to survive but it’ll take time.

On the other hand, indie filmmakers are able to recover quicker since production is usually on a smaller scale compared to large studios that require hundreds, if not thousands, of manpower for filming. With the guidelines over social distancing, this means big companies have to be more mindful of how they operate from now on.  


Invest in a New Kind of Film

Investing in streaming entertainment starts with choosing a quality production and film to support like New Dawn Film’s An Angry Boy

A dark tale of a young boy’s loss of innocence through the hands of a sexual predator and his journey through discovering his past and his desire for revenge at any cost. 

An Angry Boy takes the old Hollywood rules and flips them on its head, starting with how its created. Enlisting the help of everyday investors, New Dawn Films is offering shares to own a piece of the movie. 

New Dawn Films already has a built-in audience with over 600,000 fans thanks to their SCARY MYSTERIES Channel on YouTube. The channel is projected, but not guaranteed, to have 2 million subscribers by 2021 and a staggering, 5.5 million in 2023. 

Because there is such a large following, that is continuously growing, the plan is to first market this film to those fans specifically and then branch out and market it to other people outside the YouTube fan-base. If you take a look and compare the current subscriber count, you can see New Dawn would need just a small percentage of their fans to purchase the film in order to break even if it was sold on Amazon for $5.00 per stream, which they plan on doing. 

Ready to help revolutionize the film industry? Learn more about An Angry Boy and how you can invest in the film. 


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