For those who have been in the video filmmaking business for a while, you know by now how important story is to your videos. But for those starting out, sometimes the technicalities of a shot overshadow the story. After all, getting a cool technical shot is always awesome, right? But if you want your video to stand out, it should come with a compelling story as well.

Good Stories Capture Attention

With such a saturated market, it’s important for your videos to not only look professional and eye-catching, it should also contain a captivating storyline. Videos without any good story or a message become forgettable.

Good Stories Create Emotion

Let’s say you already have a great story. When sharing it to your audience, it’s important to not just stick to the factual explanation but to also aim to conjure up emotions. Viral videos go viral because they not only present great facts but they invoke emotion in the viewers. These videos can make them laugh, cry, feel sad or compel them to action.

How to Infuse a Good Story in Your Video

You can do this in two parts. First, have a general “big picture” story. This is the main reason why you created the video in the first place. It could include your mission, values or purpose. Second, you need to support this by telling “mini stories” like case studies or personal experiences. Come up with a way to weave a general narrative to your videos while infusing this outline and you should be good.

Aim to deliver great visuals, but above all, add a compelling story to the mix and you’ll easily win your audience.