How Long Should You Make Your Videos?

Creating videos is a balancing act. Your videos should be the right length to provide information and keep your viewers interested.

Like baking, it requires the right ingredients, baked at the right temperature and at the right length of time for it to work. You can have the highest production quality you want but let it run too long and you lose your audience. Leave it too short and you end up making your audience feel like they’ve been shortchanged or underwhelmed.

Now, there’s no one-size-fits-all template but there are general guidelines you can follow. We’ve listed some of them below:

Product Videos

A lot of customers are more likely to watch a longer product video compared to testimonials. This includes product reviews as well. Ideally, a 1-3 minute video demonstration is just about right. It can be longer as long as the value is still present.

About or Company Videos

Introduction videos like this should be kept at 30-60 seconds only. The video should serve as a summary of your company or who you are and ensure your audience knows what you’re all about.

Product Testimonials

A product testimonial can be a powerful tool for various companies to have in their arsenal. The length should be kept to a minimum of 30-60 seconds only. If you can have a great testimonial video under 30 seconds then it’s better.

Tutorial Videos

– Granted some tutorials could take longer, super long tutorial videos will keep viewers away from even clicking your video. If they do, they usually push forward or watch at several times the speed to make it end faster. Less than 5 minutes would be a good length for videos like this. You can also place the unimportant parts in time lapse while slowing down for the more crucial bits.
There you have it! Remember, don’t be afraid to trim and edit your videos down to size if you feel it’s too long. As long as it still conveys the story you need and you have good quality and presentation, then you should be fine.