The world of film financing and investments have come a long way. Back then, movies relied on generous producers and large studio outfits to be financed. Smaller productions had to rely on their creator’s pockets to fund and get the film made. But these days, with a global network, it’s possible for even you and me to invest and help make a film come to life. The solution? Equity Crowdfunding. 

What’s great is that investing in a film this way doesn’t mean you need to dish out thousands of dollars. For as little as $100, you can help directors and filmmakers bring their story to life and have the possibility of earning your money back with profit! Not to mention, be a part of an exciting project you believe in.


Difference Between Kickstarter-Type Campaigns and Equity Crowdfunding

 We’ve written an in-depth article about equity crowdfunding before, you can read it here. But as a quick overview, with Kickstarter and other rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns, you simply make a donation and earn a reward. With Equity Crowdfunding, it’s different because it allows you to have financial interest with the company.

In the traditional model, only Hollywood stars and producers get a chance to earn money from the profits of making a film. However, with equity crowdfunding, it’s now possible to make money from a movie as an investor.


 Why Investing in a Movie is a Great Move

 Until recently, it was impossible for a small investor to get involved in helping fund a movie. But with equity crowdfunding leading the way, it’s now possible to become an investor for a film that has the capacity to earn far more than you thought possible. 

While most films being crowdfunded are indie films, there are a lot of talented filmmakers out there who are just looking for a good break. And this is what makes this type of investment so exciting, you get to be a part of something truly unique. As mentioned, if the film does well and goes beyond projections, you can only win your investment back and more.

Equity crowdfunding has truly opened a whole new way of investing your money while supporting what you love – films!

If you’d like to give this new way of investing a chance, check out New Dawn Film’s own equity crowdfunding campaign. We’re crowdfunding a film called, “An Angry Boy.” Here’s your chance to make an investment and become a part of the filmmaking process. 

For more details, check out our campaign page.

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