Got no budget but still want to make your videos and tutorials look amazing? Producing amazing quality tutorial videos (or any kind of videos, really) at home or by yourself is now possible. Whether you only have a tiny apartment for a studio, have to DIY your lighting setup, multitask being the actor, presenter, cameraman, scriptwriter, etc., high quality production is now within your reach.


To amp up your video production quality with little budget, here are some tips you can keep in mind.

Focus On a Portable Yet Powerful Lighting Rig

Proper lighting will help make any video look professional quality. If you can invest in large softboxes and have the space for them, they can be a wonderful option to use for tutorial videos.  But when tight on space or if you need something more portable, go for something a functional lighting setup instead.


First things first though, before you go out to buy lighting, be creative and make use of natural lighting in your home or space first. A lot of video creators start out with just using a large window to shoot their content. The tricky thing with natural light is it’s constantly changing and might force you to only shoot at certain times of the day.


If there’s no natural light source that can stream where you want to shoot, a great alternative are LED lights. Small LED lights like those from Aputure work great because they’re portable, bicolor and completely dimmable. You can bring them with you wherever you are and they never get hot. What’s more, they run on batteries so there’s no need to keep them plugged in. Portable lights like this can work as a fill light and look even softer when bounced off walls. If you have enough budget, buy several pieces so you can use them as key, fill and backlight.


Have an Uncluttered Background


Keep your backgrounds clutter free and make sure you or the product you are shooting is in focus. Study other video tutorials and pay attention to what’s in focus. Does everything look sharp, including the background? Is the background competing for your attention? Are you paying attention to the person talking or looking at something else? Is there are shallow depth of field to the shot, making it interesting and dynamic?


Make sure nothing is complicated or distracting behind you when shooting and have a shallow depth of field for variety. Also make sure your camera is eye level.

Frame Your Shot Nicely


Working by yourself can be difficult and challenging but you can always improve your framing with a few tweaks. When shooting by yourself, it’s best to have a camera with a flip screen to make it easier for you to monitor if you’re in focus and that the framing is correct. Also take care to vary the composition of your shot to make your videos interesting. You can shoot using different compositions or in 4k which you can scale and reframe in post.


Think About Your Audio


Remember when we emphasized audio as more important than the quality of the video? To get proper audio, it’s good to have a mic stand with a reliable shock-mount. This can get pricey though so if the budget is tight, go for a USB plug and play mic instead. These mics are small and portable. Just get the placement correct and you should have quality audio to match as well.


Producing quality video content or video tutorials is possible even with a small budget.

Make sure to put these tips into practice and slowly improve your video production.