How to Stay Relevant as a Filmmaker

Like any other job, staying relevant in the film industry is crucial if you want to continue landing gigs while improving your craft.

And like any industry, new and talented filmmakers show up at the door everyday so you have to maintain your relevance to be at the forefront of your potential client’s minds. Here are several tips on how to do just that.

  1. Be in Control Of Your Reactions and Your Mind

You might be wondering what this has to do with being relevant. It’s honestly more geared towards your personal wellbeing especially during lean times. Trust us, the moment the phone goes silent or the emails stop coming, you’ll begin stressing which leads to paranoia, irritability, moodiness and even anger – not to mention desperation! It’s critical that you approach times like this objectively and not let your emotions and a scarcity mindset get the best of you.

  1. Always Strive to Learn Something New

As a filmmaker, one thing that will help keep you relevant is to always be on the process of learning something new. Whether it’s techniques, technology, storytelling or any other aspect of the film craft, it helps improve your creativity and skill.

  1. Create Connections Meaningfully

Stay relevant by connecting with other storytellers and people in the industry. Join groups or attend workshops, it’s a great way to network and capture a potential for more consistent work. It also helps keep you stay relevant to the people in the industry who might need your services. More than that, connecting with other likeminded creatives helps you to grow and embrace things outside of your regular comfort zone.

  1. Be Confident

Again, this has more to do with how you look at your work and your craft. When you stay relevant, you gain more confidence. In a more practical sense, remaining relevant means you are challenging yourself in new ways. Ensuring you reach out to potential clients, putting yourself out there and knowing what you can bring to the table as a filmmaker.