Looking to get hired by new clients? If you’re a video production company, this means considering a few tiny factors to make sure you’re presenting your best foot forward. It’s a lot like winning clients in any other job but with a few extra touches.

If you feel you need help in this, here are some general things you can pay attention to next time you’re trying to win over clients.

1. Carve Out A Stellar Brand Reputation

If you’re a video production outfit looking for more clients, one important thing you should work on is your brand reputation. As with any business, the majority of your clients will be referrals from existing clients who are satisfied with your work or through word of mouth. To achieve good feedback, you need to deliver consistent, great quality work and make sure your branding is on point.

It’s not a one-time thing. Even if you have viral work that garners you plenty of press and brings in people, you still need to be able to keep those people and impress them with your work consistently.

Once you have clients, don’t be afraid to actually ask for referrals if you know a client is fully satisfied with the work you’ve delivered.

2. Showcase Similar Work to Potential Clients

You want to put your best foot forward when presenting or trying to win over a new client. If you know the client works in a certain industry, let’s say cars, for instance. You want to showcase a portfolio that shows off work you’ve done involving cars. Maybe you’ve done a car commercial before or something similar.

You can also re-frame a previous project in a way that they share similarities with the project your potential client is looking to have created.

3. Be Human – Don’t Try Too Hard to Impress

At the end of the day, people relate to people. Most clients ask for help because they have no clue how to work on the project themselves, that’s why they’re asking for your expertise. You want to communicate with them as best as possible without delivering too much jargon.

Clients appreciate it when you fully understand what they’re truly after, explain it in a way they can relate and not just there to take their money.

4. Delegate One Person as the Main Contact

Once a client has signed on, it’s important to have one person as a point of contact. Make your client comfortable. Knowing if they have concerns, questions or would like to follow up, that they can reach someone who can give them answers will help increase their trust in you. When you take care of your clients, they’ll be happier and more likely to recommend your production company to others.

5. Be Clear and Professional with Finances

This is so important. Have a proper contract and go through it with your client. Make sure they understand the project costs, any fees, what they’re for, penalties (if there are any), etc. All of this needs to be clear before you move forward. You need to be able to explain where all the money has gone so keep proper records. The last thing you want is to have to ask a client for more money, saying you underestimated the costs. This sometimes happens but it’s not very professional.

Bonus: Be Professional, Friendly and Personable

Clients are human too. Little gestures from the moment they step into your office goes a long way. A small followup email or a thank you gift afterward will never hurt. Let your clients know you appreciate why they chose you or even bothered to find out more about your business. As a video production company, this will go a long way to helping you win them over, recommend you or do business with you again.