Important Notes When Recording Sound

You might think that sound recording won’t matter as much as capturing the right scene, but sound can make or break a film shoot – especially if it’s unnecessary sound captured on tape. Here are some notes you need to consider when it comes to recording sound on location or on set.

1. Consider the Space

When scouting for a location or stepping into your set, ask yourself, is the space active? Are there any extra noises that will get captured when you shoot? Tune in to the extra sound. Remember, the most important thing when shooting is capturing the dialogue. If this can’t be recorded properly because of the extra noise then you have a problem.

2. Always Note the Potential Noise Hazards

These are often things you have no control over. Including beeping alarms, sirens, phones etc. Take some time to scout out all these things prior to filming and turn them off just in case.

3. Think About The Wardrobe

Most beginner filmmakers don’t realize that wardrobe and clothing can cause sound and they can interfere when capturing your shot. Sometimes you have no control over what kind of clothes the people around you will wear including those of your cast. It’s crucial to communicate this ahead to the costume department so you won’t have any issues. Windbreakers, leather and other materials can create weird sounds while on set.

4. Are You Using Noisy Props?

Sometimes this can’t be avoided but always be aware of this and find a compromise or a noiseless alternative if possible. Props that might be noisy include jewelry, paper, or glasses.

5. Examine the Flooring

We don’t often think of this but not all floors will create the same sound. Some floors like wood will interfere with the sound. You can create ways to get rid of the sound or at least minimize it via throwing a carpet if it’s a noisy floor or use accessories for the shoes that will hush out the sound.