Lens Effects You Can Do At Home

You don’t need to have expensive equipment or gear to achieve a cool lens effect like what you see in your favorite movies or films. You can DIY your own lens effects at home using just a few simple and cheap materials. Try this out for yourself.

Use water for a pro mist effect.

You can spritz water on a camera filter to create this beautiful flashback effect. Make sure the water doesn’t get to your actual camera sensor otherwise it could ruin it. Just tack on a cheap filter to prevent any problems that might happen.

For a misty effect, spray or use smoke/fog near your lens.

If you have a fog or smoke machine, then awesome, but if you don’t, even a simple cigarette blowing smoke near the lens can do an effective misty shot for your film

Flashback effect for your shot.

You can easily do this by applying dots of clear nail polish lacquer on your filter. It’s cheap, easy to do and can yield a great effect on your final film.

Use glass for an unusual warping effect.

When done right, this can create wonderful effects and even add a bit of drama to your shots. Just place the glass close to your lens when filming, it should have that unique look afterwards.

Create the rainbow effect with crystals.

You can use a crystal along with a good direct light source to create a stunning rainbow halo or effect when you film a shot. It’s a unique thing and when used properly, it can make your shot extra special.

Use Tungsten for sunset look.

Just grab Tungsten lighting, point it close to your lens and you’ll instantly have that warm glowing look of the sunset. This is a neat and very helpful trick to have up your sleeve.