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New Dawn Films is New York City’s top Video Production Company. We provide our clients with the best video production services – everything from script writing and pre production to editing &pPost production. It’s our mission to make high quality videos while providing stellar service to our clients. If you’re in the NYC area and need a video production company to assist you, then New Dawn Films is the company you’re looking for. To request a quote please visit¬†

Enhance customer experience with a 360-view. Reduce costs, increase revenue, and mitigate risks across all channels.

Detect product and service complaints in real time to mitigate this issues as they happen. Most companies today, have data in silos, Anexinet brings unstructured and structured data into one central view.

See the entire customer journey from web, sales transactions, call center activity, and eventual customer churn using our Listen Logic platform.

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To read more about our ListenLogic platform, check out:

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Presented by Mark Langsfeld, VP of Analytics at Anexinet