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New Dawn Films is New York City’s top Video Production Company. We provide our clients with the best video production services – everything from script writing and pre production to editing & Post production. It’s our mission to make high quality videos while providing stellar service to our clients. If you’re in the NYC area and need a video production company to assist you, then New Dawn Films is the company you’re looking for. To request a quote please visit

Whether you are just starting to investigate the world of cloud technologies, or you’ve embraced DevOps and Agile methodologies, Anexinet is here to help you build a roadmap and strategy to reach the next phase of your journey. Ultimately, your cloud strategy must align with your business strategy. There’s no sense building a solution that can go a million miles an hour if it’s going in the wrong direction. Our envisioning process takes a holistic view of your business and technical requirements to develop a cloud adoption strategy that propels you and your organization to achieve greater success.