This is where the idea and/or dialogue is created and worked out in revisions until we are able to lock down a final version. The script is our roadmap through the entire production process from here on out and tells us how long the video will be, how many people we’ll need to cast, what locations we need and time of day we’ll need to be at them.

Concept Development


It all begins with brainstorming and coming up with a concept that is going to make a video that stands out visually while getting it’s message across. We can work with you to generate a concept that suits your needs and will stay within your budget and make sure you get the best video possible.



The right age, the right look, the right abilities. New Dawn Films has cast hundreds of people for various roles in films, branded content videos, reality shows, voice over work, commercials and web videos. Beyond our extensive library of actors we already know, we can run casting sessions to make sure we get the right people for the job.

Line Producing

line produce

Line Producing is managing the logistics of the entire production from start to finish. Beginning with pre production through principal photography the line producer oversees the production budget and physical needs of the shoot. At New Dawn Films our most important objective in line producing is to respect the budget of the production and deliver on time.



Story boarding is only for certain types of productions that require them and even then can vary in detail. But creating a storyboard of illustrations gives the production team and clients a visual for what each shot is going to look like. It also describes in detail what each shot will entail from a technical standpoint. This way there’s no guess work and we can be sure to know the result we’ll get before a single frame is even shot.

Art Direction


Art Direction focuses on the look within a video, commercial, television program or film. With art direction we work to translate a desired mood, message and concept into images on set.

Location Scouting

Location Scouting

Location scouting is key for any production because very different feels can be accomplished with different backdrops. Also from a technical standpoint you may or may not be able to achieve a certain type depending on where you film. When scouting we consider things like where will the sun set, what time we’ll be shooting and how we can achieve our shots from the storyboard. This way we know exactly how, where, when and what we need to film so that the production process can run smoothly.

New York City Video Production Services

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