Should You Animate or Do Live Videos

Expanding our quick video marketing special, let’s talk about animated and live videos this time. How do you know which one to use for your product or service?

There are three main factors you should consider to help you decide:

  1. Time

Both animated and live videos take different amounts of time and involve different requirements. Animated videos are longer to make compared to live videos. With the latter, you just need to prepare the script, the actors, location and a storyboard. Then you’ll only have the editing to go through before releasing it. Animation means having everything made from scratch – on top of the dialogue, storyboard and voice actors (if there are any.)

  1. Budget

Budget is always tricky. It depends entirely on what kind of animated or live video you’re making. While animated videos require everything to be created which can mean paying a huge sum of money to graphic designers and animators, live action also means paying actors, renting equipment, props etc. This is one criterion that requires a thorough look. Compare the costs and requirements of both when applied to your project to find out what’s best for you.

  1. Content and Audience

Your topic or subject can help determine which style you should go for. Animated videos are great for explaining abstract ideas, explaining facts and figures –or basically, creating the impossible. Meanwhile, live action is great for human interaction and brand development.

Taking these three into consideration will help you better decide if animated or live video production is best for you.

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