The Explainer Video 101

Explainer videos, the name says it all. Companies and brands make an effort to create one but sometimes instead of engaging the audience they end up boring them instead. So how do you prevent this from happening to your own explainer vid?

We’ve gathered five important elements your explainers should contain. Follow this and you won’t have to worry again.

First Element – Create a Fantastic Script!

It all starts here. Defining your brand and figuring out what really matters can help in communicating your voice. We suggest having outsider make the script so they can have a fresh and unbiased take on your company.

Second Element – Keep It Short and Simple

Explainers are tricky, it has to be the right length to provide information and entertain. Best guess is to have a script with 150 words per minute. That might seem slow but you are conveying a message and that needs time to sink in.

Third Element – Seriously, Keep It Short and Simple

This is worth repeating. Explainer videos typically take only 60 seconds so create a script that explains everything you need in that timeframe. Usually, an explainer contains a problem, solution (your product/service), how it works, and a call to action.

Fourth Element – Showcase Benefits, Never Features

It’s all about the benefits so focus your videos on that. Don’t be tempted to show off features.

Fifth Element – Hire a Professional Voice Actor

This is every bit important. Don’t ruin your awesome videos by going cheap on the voiceover actor.

Sixth Element – Add Reinforcing Visuals

Visuals serve as reinforcement. Keep it simple and pleasant for your viewers.

Seventh Element – Have Fun!

Always have fun! Your audience can tell a lot about your company through your explainers. Add humor, make it wacky, surprising or heartfelt and you’ll easily win an audience.