Tips for Landing a Great Cinematographer

The relationship between a director and cinematographer is crucial. Having a talented cinematographer can help bring your vision to life. If you’ll be working with a cinematographer, they have to understand what you’re trying to achieve and will happily work with you in order to do that.

Always Describe Who You Are and What You’re Trying to Do

Be honest about what you’re trying to achieve. If there’s little to no money involved in the project, mention how you plan to deliver value instead. Showcase your past efforts and if you’re an already talented filmmaker, you would be surprised just how many good cinematographers would be willing to work with you.

Let Them Know Your Filmmaking Style

There are times when a particular directorial style won’t work with particular cinematographers. Always state what kind of style you have to save you the trouble of pairing up with the wrong cinematographer. If you’re highly technical, then say so. If you have a more experimental approach to things then also state it.

Check Their Website or Portfolio

You can tell if a cinematographer is great just by reviewing their reel. Check their website or portfolio and make sure they have the expertise and skills to match.

Shortlist Your Favorites

This is where you have to narrow down your potentials and then send them your reel to review as well. It’s always best to set up a chat or a meeting with your shortlisted candidates. This will make it easier for you to decide whether the partnership will work or not.

Remember, getting a talented cinematographer also means you have to have good talent as a filmmaker and director as well. Otherwise, it’s difficult to find a great cinematographer who would be interested in working with you.