Tips in Shooting A Music Video from Scratch

Ever want to shoot your own video? Here’s a quick primer on what you need to do when it comes to planning, shooting and of course, editing.

  • Make sure to have a scratch track playing as you shoot your video. This will help when it comes to synchronizing your clean track later on.
  • Ask the singer to actually sing instead of miming to the track because the facial expression and body movements will be different when they’re actually singing with the track as opposed to just lip-synching.   
  • Always use the actual recording of the track and matching it as you’re shooting the singer in the video. Always match your singer and the track. This might take awhile but this is your job as the director to ensure everything is done the right away.
  • Always shoot from many different angles. This will help you have plenty of options when you’re piecing together everything.
  • Have B-Roll shots on hand as well. These will help make your video more dynamic and interesting to watch.
  • If you’re going to include a dance routine, always make sure the dancers know it and the singer is comfortable with it as well. As a director, it’s your job to make sure everybody is on the same page.
  • Make sure to have stylistic coherence throughout your video. Music videos rely on visuals and style to stand out so plan ahead and know that when you have this down to pat, then you can just work on the technical aspects of the shoots.
  • You can also make conceptual videos for your artist. These types of videos are often well received and usually entails the imagery doesn’t have anything to do with the lyrics at all.

Even though this is a post for making music videos, the status of the music video industry is quite dire. During its heyday in the 90s, it was profitable to be a director for music videos, now, not so much.

It’s still possible to shoot videos as a starter for your career, but know it won’t pay a lot and consider it as only a stepping-stone. However, if you are serious about filmmaking, jumping to commercials and television is better recommended.