We all know iPhone 7 has arrived and no doubt, it’s going to be amazing when it comes to taking pictures and videos. But of course, a little helping hand goes a long way. We’ve compiled 6 of the best video editing apps you can use with your iPhone. These are some of our favorites and could be yours too.

  1. iMovie (Paid)

Yep, this one is crucial whether you’re a budding Scorcese or just want to impress your friends or audience. It’s similar to the iMovie you get on your Mac so if you’re already used to that, then it’s a plus. You can add titles, music, photos, voice-overs and you even get templates to choose from if you like. And with the new Apple Kit, it can handle your 4k videos too.

  1. Pinnacle Studio (Paid)

The iMovie is great for casual use but if you want to be serious, then get Pinnacle Studio. This is like the grandfather of video editing since it’s been around since the 90s. With age, comes great features. You can do transitions, pan and zoom, titles, audio edits and more. You’ll definitely enjoy editing on this app.

  1. Quik (Free with IAP)

When it first started, this one was known as Replay. Go Pro owns it now and it’s been renamed Quik. Created for Instagrammers, it’s perfect for anyone who adores creating videos, well, really quick. All you have to do is pick your photos or videos, choose a theme and you’re good to go. It does let you add a title and make a few tweaks like adding filters or trims.

  1. Luma FX (Paid)

Those who are absolutely picky and serious with their editing will love using LumaFX. It can help you do minute tweaks and even apply a whole range of fixes on single clips.

  1. Splice (Free)

Yes, this one has no ads. And you know what, it’s a pretty darn good app. It lets you import and arrange various clips you have while also editing them. Create transitions, text, add filters and even music to your videos. It’s ideal for those who want to video edit quickly. It’s simple to use and has all the basic editing functions you need.