Transforming Boring Content Into an Interesting Video

Say what you will but there are just some topics or products that can be incredibly challenging to turn into an interesting video. But don’t fret, there are ways you can turn boring items or content into an exciting piece. Just remember to include these five things and you’ll end up with a more interesting video than you first imagined.

  1. Tell a story and humanize it.

Following a single person’s plight and putting a face to the problem or situation makes viewers care with what you have to say. This is the same technique journalist’s use on newspaper. That’s why you always read about a person directly affected by the issue first before the article goes on to elaborate about the problem.

  1. Create interesting visuals to match the dialogue.

A common mistake is to solely rely on the dialogue or script when making videos. Always make sure your visuals is as good as the script you have. If you’re interviewing a person, instead of going for a sit down, talk to them while walking to work, eating lunch or doing something. Think action and visualization.

  1. Inject surprise into the mix.

Ever wonder why twist endings in horror films leave us buzzing? That’s because most of us love surprises. It gives us a shot of dopamine and makes us really happy. Having a good hook or even as simple as interviewing someone inside a cab, a salon or the most unexpected places can make your video quite memorable.

  1. Make your video helpful.

There are some people who will watch even the longest videos if it’s really helpful. So if you cannot absolutely make your topic or content interesting, then at least make it helpful to the viewers.

  1. Finally, keep it short.

Of course, you have every right to make it longer if you can pack in all of the elements mentioned above, but otherwise, just keep it short.