Using Instagram Stories to Promote Your Videos

I’m sure you’ve heard about Instagram Stories by now, and though it looks and functions just like Snapchat, it can be a great way to promote your videos.

Snapchat has been soaring when it came to sharing short videos and images about the most mundane things. Unlike Instagram, it’s a great way of giving audiences a “behind the scenes” look at what you’re doing – whether it was your personal life, product or service. Instagram was always more like the prim and proper cousin of Snapchat – letting you share highly curated images and videos for your brand. The ones you want your audience to permanently see and remember.

However, now that Instagram Stories has been released, you can now also share those rare moments of your brand, product or service to your audience and have them disappear within 24 hours.

A few things you can try include sharing small videos or images for an upcoming product launch or personal project. You can take snippets of how it was made or even create short bios or “stories” about your video subject matter to tease your audience before releasing the final piece.

You can also take a page from General Electric; they’re using Instagram Stories to push for a video series they’re chronicling over at Snapchat. This connects the two social media platforms.

Instagram Stories is also a great way to do an informal survey on a possible video topic or even product offering. It’s available for only 24 hours so you get a time limit and the capacity for audience sharing is the same because it reaches the same audience. There’s no heart button on Stories, but you can have viewers send you a message with a thumbs up or comment as a way to judge the informal poll.

Be creative and have fun at the same time. Even though Instagram Stories is still starting, it’s looking promising so you might as well take advantage while ahead.

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