With amazing technology getting better and better everyday, it also means there are entirely new ways to make use of videos in our everyday lives and for our entertainment.

Swisscom TV recently pushed the envelope. Swisscom, the company, is one of the biggest telecoms and IT companies in Switzerland while Swisscom TV is a subsidiary, offering a whole new way of experiencing digital television.
What does a digital TV company have to offer? Well, for one, they just did a super cool ice projection video at the recent Swiss Ice Hockey Cup between the SC Bern vs. ZSC Lions.

Turning a huge 17,000-capacity ice rink into one giant television screen with mind-blowing resolution; they had dragons cracking, then burning the ice. Then the rink transforms into a lake of water as a hockey player rows to safety on a thin break-off sheet while a deadly Jaws-inspired white shark swims after him.

Just thinking about the amount of projectors, coordination, mapping and planning – not to mention choreography – required to make something like this work is mind-blowing.

Projection image mapping or simply, video mapping, like these are becoming a staple not just in ice hockey games but also musical performances. Katy Perry’s Superbowl Halftime Show was one instance. They’re also popular on basketball courts. One of the earliest examples of this was in 2011-2012 when the New York Knicks transformed Madison Square Garden into a stunning visual display to celebrate their 66th season against the Boston Celtics.

 Want to see it? We have the video for you too.