Visual marketing has been dominating for the past year. And it’s only going to get better! Projections say that by 2019, 80% of the traffic on the Internet will be from videos. If you have a business or trying to set up one, you might want to take note of these visual marketing trends to build up your audience.

    • Video on Email Marketing Campaign

      This comes as no surprise. As video becomes more prominent, email-marketing campaigns with videos will also be easier to digest compared to blocks of text. If you do this, play with the length, 3 minutes or less of video would be a good length.

    • Real-Time Videos on Social Media

      Periscope, Meerkat and Snapchat are making it easier to deliver real-time video to your audience. Use these platforms in promoting a product, service or business. From sneak peeks, live Q&As or celebrity takeovers, the possibilities are endless.

    • Animated GIFs

      Animated GIFs are short, fun and easy to make. It’s also great for feeding people’s short attention span.

    • Branded Videos

      Branded videos are soaring these days. Videos are great for providing value in digestible ways. Plus, it engages users and perfect for calls to action.

    • Videos on Product and Homepage

      YouTube videos and other off-site videos might be increasing but so are on-site videos. Having videos on the homepage and product page are a great way to explain your product and help convince your customer.