Which YouTube Video Should You Make

Video is dominating the Internet these days. And the number one video platform that everyone visits is of course, YouTube. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker or want to start creating your own videos, then YouTube is the place to be.

There’s one overlying ingredient all your videos should contain – VALUE. Every video you make should provide value to your viewers. Now in terms of the type of videos you can do, there are two main paths you can take:

  • You can create videos for entertainment
  • You can create videos for information

It’s crucial to decide first so it’s easier for you to focus your efforts by narrowing down the specific subject matter for your videos. YouTube videos that end up going viral or getting a lot of traffic usually deliver one of these types or combine both. For some practical examples, you can find a few below:

Vlogs or Video Blogs

This has become common. Now, not everyone will be interested in what you’re doing everyday. There are a lot of pointless vlogs on the platform and you really don’t want to add to this. However, if you happen to be informative or an expert at a specific thing and would like to share your knowledge on that, you might fit in this category. Remember, don’t add to the fluff but instead add to the value instead.

How To’s

If you’re especially skilled at something, then a “how to” video might be the category for you. Make your videos useful and find a particular niche where you excel in. Also ensure that if you’re showing a tutorial form of how to’s then make the instructions clear and easy to understand. Show your process and keep the explanations simple.

Tour Videos

A tour video is when you show your readers something you enjoy or love. This could be your car collection, your studio, your sketchbooks or pretty much anything you like.

Viral Videos

Yes, there are people who specifically target making viral videos for their channel. It’s tough to create videos specifically to garner viral success, but you can employ the general elements that make videos viral, there’s just no guarantee it will succeed. It often depends on certain unpredictable factors including audience reaction and the right people who end up viewing and sharing it.

There are still so many more types of videos you can make for YouTube. The bottom line, when creating your videos, just remember to add value and make sure it’s either entertaining, informative or both.