For many, the horror genre isn’t exactly associated with class or prestige. It’s rare for a horror film to win an Oscar, in fact, only a handful (6 so far) have been nominated in the Academy’s.

But despite the lack of prestige, the horror genre is one of the most intriguing and most compelling genres for any upcoming director or even film investor. Here are 5 reasons why we think investing or directing a horror film is something you should consider.

01. There’s Already a Fanbase For It

You probably have that one friend who flocks to the theatre every time a new horror flick comes out, or who seemingly knows every horror title dating back to the 50s. Horror fans are a dedicated bunch, whether it’s pure gore, serial killers, monsters or just downright ghost hauntings, there will be people drawn to it. It’s also one of the few movie genres where people will still flock to see it even if it seems to be a bad film.

Tackling horror as a new director means you don’t need to worry about being perfect with your film. Of course, do what you can to create a film with excellent quality but it doesn’t have to be perfect. This leaves plenty of room for fun and for magic to happen.

02. Horror Films Can Be More Affordable To Make

Making films can get expensive fast. The budget can balloon as production pushes. But horror films can be made for much cheaper compared to other film genres. For instance, you can make films for less than $100,000 or up to $500,000 if you want to make it extra decent. Popular horror films like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity were famously made for under $100,000 but went on to quadruple (and more) their earnings after they were released to the world.

If you fancy yourself a savvy investor, it’s also easier to invest in horror films than any other genre. Again, the overhead costs and budget of making such films are low, making it perfect for film investors or producers who are trying to get their feet wet in the industry.

What’s more, it has creative advantages. With a minimal budget, you’re forced to be creative and to be ruthless in cutting down on frivolous things. For instance, Paranormal Activity was shot by Oren Peli in his own home. He instead focused on the characters and story, while saving money from hiring a full camera crew.

03. You Can Create an Entire Franchise from Them

Most horror films, especially the ones with good storylines, can become a franchise. And once there’s a secure fan base for them, it’s likely the fans will still watch the succeeding films even if they’re less than stellar.

But probably the biggest advantage of the horror or thriller genre is it allows for repetition. Monsters can come back from the dead, the killer can make a comeback or someone can take over their place or a new family can move into a haunted home.

Hollywood loves remakes and sequels, so if you manage to capture the right audience with a great horror story, you can easily find a producer who is more willing to make another one happen.

04. Fear and Terror is a Universal Concept

People all over the world might have different ideas when it comes to humor but when it comes to fear and terror, they’re universal. Everyone understands the feeling of being chased by a maniac killer or being scared out of their wits upon hearing strange noises and they’re home alone. Scary is scary regardless of where you are in the world.

Horror above all banks on imagery and not so much on words so if you can create a film that centers on this, you most likely have a winner.

05. Creating Horror Films Can Become Your Stepping Stone

If you’re a new filmmaker or director, creating horror can help improve your skills. It can be a great stepping stone to learning how to build better tension in your story, use music and special effects. You get a chance to experiment and create without pressure. At the same time, you learn to work with actors and delve deeper into how to effectively shock the audience in your own unique way.

Horror and even thriller films have been proven time and time again to never go out of style. It may not become as big as the next superhero film but you know what, if you think about it, before there were even superhero films, there was already horror. Chances are, it’ll still be around long after Hollywood gets tired of superheroes.

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