Why You Should be A Video Production Intern

Becoming a video production intern might not be a glamorous job but it’s a good step if you want to climb the filmmaking ladder. But if you’re unconvinced if you should even be a video production intern in the first place, here are several good reasons that might convince you to take it up.

You’ll Understand Production Workflow

The pace and workflow in the industry is something you will need to get used to. It usually involves more than just showing up on time, in fact, it’s more than that. You also have to know how everyone else works. There are shoot days and off days. The former are more hectic where you have get to work early, work throughout the day and sometimes through the night. Then there’s the latter where you have off days and there’s no shoot happening. The editors are busy doing their work and only need coffee and snacks. Brainstorming sessions and meetings happen throughout these times. You also need to be familiar with the production process so you’ll know what to expect.  

You’ll learn how to have professional standards.

Perhaps one of the most crucial things you’ll learn as a paid or unpaid intern is professionalism. If you’re an active learner, then this would be better since not everyone will spell out your job for you. Most of the time, you’ll have to pay attention to your coworkers lead, especially if they’ve done it before. Take a cue from how they dress and interact with clients and others.

You’ll learn some of the best practices on set.

When you’re on set, chances are you’ll have a PA role and this can mean anything from grabbing snacks to running cables and more. You need to have an idea how these work, if not, ask for help, after all, you’re there to learn. Just make sure to ask at a crucial time instead of right when they need it done. You can also read up on how it’s done prior to coming in for work. It’ll be stressful at first but eventually you’ll find your groove

You’ll get a chance to be exposed to the industry.

Even if your internship lasts for only a few months, you’ll likely learn a lot and get great exposure in the industry so make sure to use it well. You’ll make plenty of connections and meet a lot of people while at it. Grab business cards and keep in contact with everyone especially if you want to pursue this career.

You’ll have a better resume.

Internships are great for building your resume. Yes, for some, it might be better to simply jump to wanting to do what you want instead of taking the trouble of being a PA. But if you put in the time, it will be worth it. Have a good attitude and be there to learn instead of feeling bad about it. The lessons will go a long way to helping you out.