If you’ve been publishing a website or a blog for some time, then you probably know adding videos is crucial. But you’d be surprised how many people and businesses still don’t take advantage of videos on their blog or website. In case you need more convincing, here are some good reasons to consider.

  1. Website Videos Can Create Better Branding

Want your website and brand to stand out even more? Add great videos that showcase your products being used. Videos can be easily shared and viewed. Remember, it only takes one influencer to share your brand or company to their followers in order for you to widen your audience. Having great videos representing your products or skills is definitely a great boost.

  1. Search Engines Love Pointing to Videos

If you want to rank faster and better, then make sure you have videos on your blog or website as well. Sure you can optimize your site as much as you want but don’t neglect the audience that loves videos. Google often includes a video insert on the search rankings and if you optimize and properly tag your videos then your chances are even higher.

  1. It’s Crucial for Social Media

Almost every single social media user has encountered or recorded a video for themselves. Having one for your brand or website can make it easier for your audience to share you and your content through your videos on these platforms. There’s no secret formula to going viral but putting in video gives you an upper edge over competition.

  1. Video is Important to the Online Experience

Years ago, producing online videos were seen as costly and unimportant but today, all the barriers that prevented people and businesses from creating one has vanished. Any ordinary person can create a video using their phone or camera. It’s almost odd when you go to a website and you can’t find a proper video for the brand, whether it’s a promotional ad, a tutorial or anything else.

  1. It Lets You Introduce Yourself To Your Audience

Reaching out to your audience is much easier with videos. That’s why almost all the great companies have a short video introduction about who they are or what they’re about. This allows your audience to find out about you in a matter of minutes.